by Peppermint Sky

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You painted a tear to cover a crack You’re breathing on your own and you never look bad Your ambition is sheer All roses and black clouds Gather your skies Shout your goodbyes In magnificent rain Chorus Is the kingdom closed? Is the worst behind you? Keep your battles close and the storm inside you How’s your memory? Do you remember me? There was smoke on your path Your step slowed You’re riding on your own on an open road But you were never here With your roses and black clouds Cover your eyes the courtier lies
Hungry animals were snapping at our feet In the arms of mystery we embrace defeat Chorus Snow angels were storming the sandcastles And nothing would ever be the same Because we were saved My hope cup was overflowing As sweet as saccharin I could’ve bought my way inside But I always lacked ambition Bridge I know where it’s gonna go wrong Because I know you But don’t let me stop the game Because it’s just starting to get nasty it’s kind of pathetic l Like all those globes prophetic That when you ran I held your hand You can’t resist a horror story I’d turn back if I were you I can’t resist an open wound So I guess we’ll push on through We were saved by snow angels But we’ll have to break up some time
Took all of 17 to lick my wounds You’ll never know just what you’ve done Oh but I took a photograph of your bedroom And I put up walls to write on But anyway there’s sure to be some sunny spells ahead I was dreaming in your bed There’s gotta be an easier way to clear your head Ode to myself So did she tell you to cut your hair at 22 Or was it the adult thing to do While washing out your memories Like when you said you’d marry me Build a treehouse and never leave Oh but anyway there’s sure to be some hungry mouths ahead Co-sleeping in your bed And there’s surely no nicer way to be mislead Ode to myself So you find time to find me Now I’m carving out a family tree with pretty flowers I can believe in So I close the book after carefully turning down the leaf But her red hair is something to be seen Oh but anyway there’s sure to be some happy times ahead We lie dreaming in our bed You can’t legislate for what time will wait for Ode to myself Mix up your ideas of love drink it up it’s not enough
You bring lamplight to the day Leaves fly you just carry me away I’d turn to russet but I’d still fade to grey Fall to the fall and be blown away Chorus But not into your arms A secret thought in your day (listen I’ll tell) Like the ghost doll Like confetti leaves I’m swept away (by you) So does the moon reach out for you Tides change on a dime like your colours do Recall the goddess with arms of broken fruit Cinnamon kisses won’t take me away the way you do Bridge I must steal something next time I see him a golden hair if I’m swift if he don’t belong to me I’ll steal him piece by piece
You can’t hide you’re in flight But you can be caught with my hands If you come in to my sky like Jupiter rising Or someone turned on the light Was this ever my safe place You invade like icy rain on summer days If I conjure a fine autumnal tapestry Would you stay the king and would you need a queen? Chorus I wanna see the northern lights With eyes wide open in unguarded skies Make you starry for only me all through the night I wanna ride by io’s side Spin the moon as we dance across the sky Leave you kisses that flash behind your eyes Jealous moon replaced these wings with heavy silence Won’t you fall down from this sky to bring me a meteor shower or turn off this light?
I fell over I fell in clover Let the flowers cover my head Then it was over this rollercoaster And you know you’re a long time dead Chorus Why let things get the better of you When you could have the better of me? Why let things get the better of you When you could come along with me? That’s when I told her this game is over Undercover just playing dead He glazed over my supernova Meteors will sweeten the bet Bridge We weren’t just made to dance together I want your arms around me We were made to fit together I want your arms around me Think it over Fields of clover He fell over he fell in clover Pretty flowers covered his head And now it’s over this rollercoaster Baby we’re a long time dead
I had the urge to bare my feet And tread the wooden floorboards of the hall Like feeling English Oak beneath me Could somehow sooth my soul Chorus Carry my heart to cathedrals And if the time was mine to spend I would dance on warps and whorls But oh the clock above my head That echoes through these manmade walls don’t forgive Chorus I leave my heart to cathedrals Bridge In the warming grain of centuries gone by We flow through time Leave your shoes in the city
Match for a green man she stands alone Take her flowers but never home Wondering if she’ll ever fall Now there’s nothing but the girl here at all Now who marks the territory? Leave their names on her belly Diamond shaped and roughly cut What in gods name holds you up? Chorus Llia Llia Llia Llia Bridge You won’t find her sweet Introspection gathering speed Diamond shape and roughly cut What in gods name holds you up? Where’s Llia now?
And your soul feels sick and sorry when you’re falling And your soul’s filled with bliss and hunger when you’re flying Thought I saw you hiding from light courting the sun Wrapped in vicious rays you count the ways you can return for more Chorus Move in circles of light (Searching coaxing) Until you find yourself stoking And your soul’s full wrecked and broken but only for certain And your soul’s filled with mercury and crystal horizons Thought I saw you hiding away on the open plains Till the moment slips to rubbing sticks so you can return for more Bridge A temporary madness I ran Arms that pushed you away now strain for yourself How you fill my dark day You were pressing flowers in my hands I crushed them like diamonds
O sea I feel myself drifting though the waters And o sea I feel myself turning over and over She won’t see all I fear What goddess will save me now From your cold ideals where sirens also drown Breathing in to heal but oh I need you now O sea I feel myself falling through the darkness And o sea it all seems so endless hopeless senseless She won’t feel oh what I feel when you fill me up empty me up Soothed by what I fear A silent open mouth reels me in serene And I won’t need you now La la la la


this album is dedicated to the memory of Shaun Denney


released May 18, 2017

produced by Tess Savigear and Geoffrey Armes
additional engineering by Chris Smith and Matt Savigear
mastered by Tom Desisto
cover photo featuring Jade Connor by Martin McCarthy of Theasis photography

copyright © 2017 Tess Savigear


all rights reserved



Peppermint Sky Cornwall, UK

"From her compact home recording studio she creates a uniquely moody and ethereal blend of electronic and traditional music" - Chicago Home Recording Examiner

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